Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby News

Well, it appears as though we haven't posted for a while so I guess we will share some news with everybody. Ericka is expecting our fifth child. Her due date is June 16th. I have to admit that what I am looking forward to the most is taking the title from Brian and Erinne as the granchildren with the most children, unless of course they also have some news they haven't shared.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You have your hands full!!

Over the last three days I have been visiting the doctor's office rather frequently, either for myself or for the kids. With doctor visits come visits to Wal-Mart to pick up prescriptions. Trips to Wal-Mart require I take all my kids, which guarantees two things. First, there will be some sort of melt down from at least one of them but, that is another story. Second, at least one person will say to me, "you have your hands full" and at least one other will say, "todos son suyos?" No matter how hard I try to convince them otherwise Latinos refuse to belive that my blonde hair blue/green eye children are mine, I thank my Heavenly Father every day that he was gracious enough to bless me with at least one Mexican looking child. Back to the "you have your hands full comment," it started to get on my nerves. I have been trying lately to come up with a polite response. I guess now-a-days it is unusual to see a mom with four kids under the age of 6. If anyone has any polite responses I am all ears. However, all this thinking has brought to me the realization that yes, I do have my hands full.

Full of dirty diapers,
Full of dirty laundry,
Full of dirty dishes,
Full of dirty cups, (they always get dirty immediatley after the dishes are clean),
Full of preschool and kindergarten papers (which I feel guilty throwing away),
Full of formula,
Full of baby food,
Full of wipes,
Full of various baby fluids but mostly,
Full of LOVE!

I know I am guilty of getting upset too much and I lose my patience more than I like which ends up causing me to yell more than I should. All of which leave me wondering why I am not a better mom. But in the end, I really feel my hands are full:

Full of gratitude to our Father-in-Heaven,
Full of love,
Full of prayer,
Full of hope.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Que chula es Puebla que linda, que chula es Puebla!

Últimamente he tenido muchos sueños de mi niñez y de mi ciudad. La nostalgia me ha agobiado bastante ya que extraño el paisaje, las calles y la arquitectura de mi amada Puebla, y aunque no lamento mi amor por los Estados Unidos hoy me siento triste porque hace 10 años que no regreso a México. Así que si alguien tiene la oportunidad de visitar México antes que yo, definitivamente les recomiendo visitar Puebla, es una ciudad única porque tienes la arquitectura colonial en un lado y las zonas arqueológicas a unos 10 minutos de camino. También puedes disfrutar del constante estrés de tener a un volcán activo en el horizonte (El Popocatépetl) que de repente te despierta con un terremoto o una nube de humo y ceniza para crear aventura en tu vida. Es una ciudad que es más segura que otras ciudades en este momento y hay muchos lugares modernos y similares a los Estados Unidos sin estar completamente invadido por el turismo y la cultura del turismo que plaga otros lugares de México (Cancún). Además se encuentra a solo 2 horas de viaje en camión de la Ciudad de México y también tiene un aeropuerto internacional que recibe vuelos desde los Estados Unidos. También puedes ver y probar la gastronomía de Puebla que es mucho más interesante que en otros lugares de mi país. Puebla es conocida como la capital gastronómica de México. Así que solamente quería poner unas fotos de Puebla e invitarles a visitar Puebla y si no se puede pues disfrútenla por medio del internet.

So this is Ericka trying to translate what I wrote above. Once my brain starts thinking in Spanish, it is hard to translate, so it might not be as good as it is above but you'll get the idea. Also Carl has been too busy to translate it for me and it has been a while since I tried to post it. This is mostly about me missing Puebla and all the streets, churches, buildings, food and views. I have felt a lot of sadness for not being able to return in 10 years. I just wanted to recommend to you all with monetary abilities to go there if you are planning a vacation soon, Mexico is like no other. The best part is, if you are into really enjoying the culture, sounds and food: it is not a very touristy (if that is a word) place, like Cancun but still very enjoyable with awesome hotels in old haciendas and convents. To end this I wish today that I could be there and maybe you can enjoy the little video I found on YouTube. I cried when I saw all those places I used to walk, the cold nights and even the earthquakes produced by the volcano called Popocatepetl.