Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is green day over?

Today, Joseph asked if Green Day was over and if green day was going to be happening tomorrow again because he really enjoyed it. Now as the wonderful mother that I am, I did not take pictures of our green day celebration. But we made green eggs and ham for breakfast, Joseph loved them but Taiyari just ate the ham.
We then got ourselves dressed in our green shirts, since we are a bi-cultural family with some Irish great-grandparents I thought it would be appropriate to have the boys wear green Cinco de Mayo shirts. That is the only picture we have just the shirts :(

To finish our day we had a great dinner with the 4 missionaries in our ward. We had: Chicken drumsticks in a lime vinaigrette and achiote, vegetable kabobs seasoned with cumin, roasted corn cobs, and for dessert we had the infamous rainbow cupcakes and we got the recipe from a magazine.

They were super cute even thou they took about 2 hours to make. The kids and the missionaries loved them. Carl had to go to church, and the kids and I stayed home to watch together the Princess and the Frog because the frog is green.

So that my friends, was our lovely Green Day!!!

Now I am thinking with this green day, that I might try and have a color day once a month like April we will have a yellow day because of spring, May we will have a red day because it is Carl's favorite color and his birthday is in May, and so on I will have to see how many colors I can make work for this idea :)