Friday, November 30, 2007

The Introduction

Well, we figured instead of taking ten minutes in every fast and testimony meeting to inform the ward how blessed we are to have such amazing children we would use the power of blogspot to get the word out. Also, we realized how much more effective it is when you have a captive audience, which we all know does not happen during Sacrament Meeting. And we (obviously by we I mean Ericka, and Ericka alone) are tired of the relentless friend requests to see Tasha's free webcam and find that we are not nearly cool enough to maintain a facebook account; unless you consider seven friends as being cool. Thus, this seems like the perfect solution. We can keep friends and family up-to-date about our small family without the consistent reminders of our pathetic social lives or the persistent advertisements to dabble in the pornographic. However, I did have a blogspot a couple of years ago that was shutdown due to nonuse. Hopefully this time around will have a more positive outcome.

So on to the update. After graduating from law school in May of 2007 I took the Colorado Bar Exam and then moved my family out to the middle-of-no-where to a small town in Nebraska. I work for the Dawson County Attorney's office as a prosecutor in Lexington, Nebraska; yes that is where Kelsey Peterson taught school. In October we learned that I had passed the bar and thus, we will be staying here in Nebraska for the time being. We like the small town feel, but really miss our family and friends in Utah.

Our family is growing. We are expecting our fourth, and unfortunately probably our last biological child on December 19th. It will be a boy. We are still trying to decide on a name. Our oldest, Andy (Carl IV), is four soon to be five. He is in his second year of pre-kinder and absolutely loves it. Due to his blue eyes and blondish hair Ericka is still asked on a daily basis whether she is his nanny. He is very shy. Emma, our only girl is necessarily incredibly spoiled. She insists that we call her Princess, which I really don't mind all that much. She is three and attending her first year of pre-kinder with Andy. She is very outgoing, but has a slight problem with authority. She was blessed with grandpa's green eyes. Then there is Joseph. He has dark (well I guess the better word is darker because all of my children are clearly gueros) skin and brown eyes. He is Ericka's pride and joy, merely for the fact that people actually believe that he is really hers. He is incredibly unique and keeps Ericka on her toes. We call him cabezota (we watched So I Married an Axe Murderer in his honor the other day, the kid has one heck of a cranium). He is a lot of fun to be around and has quite the personality. They are pretty amazing kids and we feel blessed to have them in our lives. Thanks for taking the time to read about them.