Thursday, August 21, 2008

El Idiota que Invento el Hard Taco

El otro día en Wal-Mart encontré unos paquetes para hacer tacos a la Tex-Mex, unos venían con tortillas de harina y los otros con tostadas dobladas o taco shells como le llaman. Y pensé, esto le va a gustar a los niños ya que soy culpable de que en ocasiones les compro tacos en Taco Bell.

Bueno pues, para hacer el cuento más corto, esas tostadas dobladas son el invento más ridículo que puede existir en el mundo. Se me ocurrió que la persona que los "invento" era alguien que no sabía cómo comer una tostada o un taco y pensó que esta sería la solución. Pues, malas noticias, amigos, NO SIRVE¡

Primero, ni siquiera se pueden llenar bien todo se le sale, tienes que usar un cuchillo o un tenedor para atipujar todos tus ingredientes.

Segundo, cuando tratas de comerlo se rompe por la mitad y ahí va tu relleno en el plato sin la tostada y con las manos batidas de todo lo que supone debía estar "dentro" de tu "taco”.

Tercero, mis parientes y creo todos mis compatriotas en México se reirían de ver como inútilmente una persona trata de comer uno de esos "tacos".

Pues en conclusión, si alguien que lea esto tiene la dificultad que yo tuve pues déjenmelo saber y otra solución es que le pregunten a cualquier mexicano como yo, como es que se come y se agarra un taco para evitar los problemas mencionados arriba. Una buena lección de esta categoría es muy apropiada para cualquier aficionado a la comida Mexicana tradicional.

Y recuerden que una tostada es una tortilla doradita y crujiente a la cual se le agrega frijoles que son lo básico y cualquier cosa que se les antoje sin olvidar la salsa, y un taco es una tortilla de maíz o de harina SUAVE calentada en una sartén o pasada por aceite con el relleno que sea de su agrado. El Fin

The other day in Wal-Mart I found some packages to make tacos a la Tex-Mex, some came with flour tortillas and others with folded tostadas or as they are called hard taco shells. I thought the kids were going to like them considering I am guilty on occasion of buying tacos at Taco Bell.

Well, in order to make the story shorter, these folded tostadas are the most ridiculous invention in the world. It occurred to me that the person who invented them was somebody who couldn’t figure out how to properly eat a tostada or taco and he thought that this would be a good solution. Well, I got bad news my friends, they DON’T WORK!

First off you can’t even fill them up properly because everything just falls out. In the end you have to use a knife or fork to stuff all your ingredients inside.

Second, when you try to eat them they do nothing but break in the middle. Then naturally all of the fillings end up on your plate without your tostada and you hands covered with everything that you assumed was supposed to remain “inside” your “taco.”

Third, my parents and all of my fellow Mexicans do nothing but laugh when we see someone unsuccessfully trying to eat one of these “tacos.”

Well in conclusion, if somebody else who reads this has experienced the same difficulties let me know. One solution I can offer is that you ask any Mexican how it is that you can hold a taco to prevent these problems. A demonstration on the proper way to eat a taco would be very appropriate for any authentic Mexican food aficionado.

Remember that a tostada is a hard, crunchy tortilla upon which you put beans, which are essential, and then anything else that sounds good, but don’t forget salsa. A taco is a SOFT flour or corn tortilla that is heated up or fried on the stove and then filled with whatever you desire.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school!!!

Andy started Kindergarten at the "big kid" school on Thursday. He participates in this amazing all day dual language program. He has two teachers, one is a native Spanish speaker and the other is a native English speaker. One week he is with the Spanish teacher and everything is taught in Spanish. The next week he is with the English teacher and everything is taught in English. In order to prevent the children from becoming accustomed to a certain subject being taught only in one language, the teachers switch subjects so that the children learn each subject in both English and Spanish every week. This is the fifth year the program has been available and their plan is to offer it from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. Their testing has repeatedly shown that the children in the dual language program have test scores 30% higher in all subjects than their English only counterparts. Both Carl and I as well as Andy are very excited about this program. However, I have to admit that I am scared and sad to see him grow up so fast, it seems like just yesterday that he was the 4lb baby in the NICU fighting to survive.

Emma also started her second year of pre-kindergarten yesterday. She was really happy and excited to start. So much so, that she could not fall asleep the night before. Her program is not as intensive as Andy's, but is still taught in both languages. She was very concerned about whether her first day outfit matched and whether her hair looked pretty. She too is growing up so fast, which seems to scare Carl more than it does me. She is very outgoing and Carl is very worried about her future social life, i.e. boys. However, Andy, who normally is very shy, loves to protect her. If anyone bothers her he does not hesitate to take matters into his hands and launch a full-scale Kung-fu Panda retaliation on the offending child. He even becomes brave enough to take on Joseph when Joseph bothers Emma. If you refer to Carl’s linebacker post below, that can be a very dangerous situation for Andy. Nonetheless, he does not hesitate. Hopefully he maintains that desire to watch over her.

All in all it was a good time for all. After Carl had left for work and my family had been cut down to only two, Joseph and Taiyari, I had the opportunity to cry a little, o.k. fine, a lot. It is these experiences and memories that make our dirty diapers, clean clothes in the laundry (Andy loves to change clothes about 4 times a day), and disorganized home more joyous.