Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fort

Kids decided to make an awesome fort so they spent the night in there. Emma made a "bunk" bed and the boys slept on the first level =)

Emma in the bunk and Andy on bottom bunk


Taiyari in the back.

I forgot to take a picture of the actual fort =(


Joseph participated on the annual St. Jude's Trike-a-thon, but because Carl could not be there I was only able to get a picuture of him wearing his helmet and the facepaint. I temporarily lost a kid in the mayhem, but I am happy to report that he found us =)


We didn't make it to any egg hunts because we went to the temple that day, but at least they all got candy and lovely dresses for the girls =)

And Taiyari wore his suit =)

Visit to the Vet's Clinic =)

Visit to the vet clinic with the Homeschooling group of our city, the kids loved being there and I did too.

Andy's Baptism back in February

We were so happy to see our little boy get baptized, I know we should have published this sooner but I kind of lost the pictures in the computer.

We are so excited to keep seeing him grow in stature both physically and spiritually. TE AMAMOS HIJO MIO!!!