Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday after my weekly appointment to Lincoln to see my wonderful doctor of whom I cannot say enough good things, we drove to Omaha to watch Wicked. I loved it!! I typically do not enjoy or like musicals, but I am starting to change my mind. At least now I have a favorite. We left our kids with my mother and headed up to Omaha for the night. We stayed at the Hilton and then spent Saturday morning in Omaha. If you ever have the chance to go see it don't hesitate, it is well worth the money. Elphaba was played by Donna Vivino and she was amazing; she has such a powerful voice. Glinda, was played by Katie Rose Clarke and she did an exceptional job also.

New house

Well, after being so busy trying to get moved in and moved out and being almost 9 months pregnant, having the baby, having kidney stones right after the baby was born and going to Utah here are a few pictures of OUR first house :)

Back of the house with yard :)

Front of the house